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AHHH!!! I don’t think there’s any way for me to explain how excited I am to be able to photograph my beautiful couples again!!! I recently photographed Sheila and Mike’s Chestnut Hill engagement session – and let me tell you, it was the PERFECT session to welcome the green phase here in PA! With a gorgeous evening, a happy couple, and lots of laugh, I explored Chestnut Hill and photographed this beautiful summer engagement session! My cheeks still hurt from smiling so much, ha!!

Sheila and Mike met before their freshman year at Villanova on the school’s annual connections retreat. It’s a yearly event the school holds so that the students can meet their future classmates. These two wound up in the same group! Although it took them until senior year to have their first date, they knew they’d found something special.

The Proposal!

Villanova played an important role in their engagement too! While they were spending the weekend in Philly visiting Sheila’s family, Mike wanted to take a trip to campus for something from the bookstore. Sheila said he wanted to leave pretty quickly after realizing that this mysterious item wasn’t there. She, however, wanted to look around! After a bit, Mike managed to get Sheila out of the store and they took a walk back towards the jeep. They followed the same path they’d walked hundreds of time during their senior year to get to classes.

When they arrived by the campus’s fountain, Mike got down on one knee and proposed. Sheila said yes and both of them cried! She told me she honestly doesn’t remember much of the proposal… But, they had a beautiful time together celebrating with a brunch later that morning after they called their families!

Chestnut Hill Engagement Session

Sheila and Mike’s Chestnut Hill engagement session was just so much fun! I know we were all smiling because we got to be out and about together finally. But it was more than that. During our session, they took me where Mike asked Sheila’s dad for his blessing! Sheila and Mike told me they were a bit nervous about their portraits but I don’t think they had any reason to be. They’re naturals. Sheila wore the most perfect summer dress and Mike was in great spirits, happy to cuddle with his bride-to-be. It was the best sessino I could have asked for to get back to work.

When I asked Sheila and Mike what they were looking forward to most about their wedding day, it was simply that they’d be getting married! They’re excited to throw a huge party for their friends and family after their Villanova wedding… and I can’t wait either! Enjoy some of my favorite moments from their Chestnut Hill engagement session!

What Sheila loves about Mike:

“He is the most attentive person I’ve ever met, he goes out of his way to make my day easier even if it means making his day a little harder, and he always supports me and make me laugh, while challenging me to be a better person.”

What Mike loves about Sheila:

“Sheila can always make me laugh, is always willing to go on an adventure with me, and loves the same little things that I do, like researching menus before eating out and making itineraries for trips.”

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Chestnut Hill engagement session photographed by PA wedding photographer Renee Nicolo Photography

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