To successfully grow your business, you NEED traffic coming to your website. Think about it: would a store that no one knows exists last very long? (Umm. No.)

So then why do we think that just putting a website up is going to make our business successful?

The truth is - THEE most important piece of the puzzle when it comes to getting clients, is . . . well? 

Getting TRAFFIC TO our websites.

Pinterest Made Easy

 2x your website traffic with Pinterest in just 30 minutes a week with ease.

The prettiest website in the world is useless if people aren’t coming to it. 

And sure - there are lots of ways to get traffic to your site. You can . . .

> Write endless Instagram posts for every day of the week trying to get people to “click the link in bio!”

> Show up on Instagram Stories 17 times a day even though you hate it

> Post on Facebook daily or weekly - shouting into the void even though it feels like your page died years ago . . .

> Blog 'til your eyeballs bleed

OR You can drive traffic the smarter, easier, and MUCH faster way, using my favorite secret weapon - Pinterest.

YUP! In literally a FRACTION of the time it’ll take you to create all that social media content, you could have just spent 15-30 minutes a week implementing Pinterest strategies that will 2x your website traffic in no time flat.

You wonder . . .

Wait, I can actually market my business on Pinterest? Are you sure?

Another thing to add to my list?

I thought people only use Pinterest for DIY projects and recipes . . .

The answer: YES you can market your business using Pinterest. It’s just a small fraction of your time for massive results, and no – it’s not just a DIYers dream.

Seriously -
Picture this . . .

Your content and images are no longer sitting on the dusty, crowded shelf of social media.

Instead, your website is being found on Pinterest months to years from now.

You’re not losing out on potential leads from clients who want to book you.

You don’t have the pressure of needing to have the perfect feed.

You’re not putting all of your eggs into one basket with social media and hoping someone will see the blog post or social media post you worked hours on to create.


> Posts are lost after 24 hours.

> You need to show up nearly every day to grow a following

> There’s pressure to have a perfect feed

> The algorithm penalizes you if you aren’t consistent or keeping up with the latest trend

> You’re constantly creating new content

> 10% or less of your followers actually see your posts

> The algorithm is solely showing you what it thinks you want to see

> It’s interruption and DISTRACTION based marketing

Whereas on PINTEREST . . .

Think about it . . .

> Your pins can be found months or even years from now

> You can show up and go through a Pinterest workflow just twice a month for less than an hour

> Your feed doesn’t need to be perfect

> Pinterest can drive constant traffic to your website 24/7 without you needing to show up in real time

> Your pins can also be found on Google - the world’s biggest search engine

> People are going to Pinterest with a PURPOSE to actually LOOK for content vs being interrupted with content on social media

> Your content can easily be found by people all over the world. Pinterest increases your Google ranking without any extra effort.

But LISTEN. I GET IT. Maybe . . .

> You gave Pinterest a chance years ago, but didn’t see any return on your time because you didn’t really know what you were doing. 

> It feels like you don’t have any room on your never-ending to-do list to add Pinterest into the marketing-mix.

> Your head is too busy spinning in circles just trying to keep up with the constant changes of social media that you haven’t had the time to really think about how Pinterest could change your business. 

> Pinterest seems like a foreign language class you’ll never get an A+ in, and you’ve already decided it’s not worth your time without even giving it a try.

The Writing is on the Wall: Pinterest is a No Brainer.

But by ignoring Pinterest, you’re missing out on getting in front of an entirely new audience - for FREE - with very little time commitment on your part.

Still have doubts? I’m going to let you in on a secret:

You already have everything you need to start using Pinterest today. 

You just need someone to show you how. 

In 12 months, I more than doubled my website traffic by using Pinterest. 

I began by pinning daily, implementing trending keywords and providing valuable content to my audience on Pinterest. 

This resulted in my website traffic soaring way beyond the crickets I was getting on social media.

Before using Pinterest, I would cross my fingers every time I would post on social media in hopes that people would head to the “link in bio” and actually head on over to my website. Why would I think differently?

I’ve been told over and over again that social media is where it’s at, but I hardly hear people talk about the power behind Pinterest.

Pinterest was a place where I would typically look for recipes and DIY projects. How could I even use it to drive traffic to my website?

Little did I know that Pinterest was the key to unlocking an entirely new audience of people who want to be inspired by the images and content I have to share.

I thought . . .

What would happen if I gave Pinterest a portion of the time I was already giving to social media?

Then it clicked for me!

Think about your social media habits versus your Pinterest habits. When you open up Instagram, you are scrolling through whatever Instagram decides to show you at any given moment. This is called interruption marketing. You’re being shown what the social media platform wants you to see.

When someone does a search on Pinterest they’re going to this search engine with a purpose to find something and be inspired


With an easy to use system that shows you how to actually use Pinterest, you could be getting in front of your ideal clients every single day for free with only 30 minutes of work.

It's time to start using Pinterest TODAY to drive traffic to your website! And I’m here to show you how.

Pinterest Made Easy!

A course that breaks down the ins-and-outs of Pinterest so that you have the confidence to know how to start driving traffic to your website today!

FOR ONLY $27!!

Here's a peek at what's inside!

39 Video Lessons!

40+ Page Workbook!

Exclusive Facebook Group!

Naticia, Wedding Planner

WOW! So much great content for $27!!! The course explains literally everything I could ever need to know about Pinterest! 
I really loved how Renee would talk about the importance of one part of Pinterest and then in the next video would take me step by step through how to do exactly that thing. I have learned so much!
I also found it super helpful that Renee mentioned many of the key important Pinterest tips/info multiple times in different videos. It helped secure the info in my head which will definitely help remind me to do these things every time I jump on Pinterest. Honestly, I only have positive things to say!

 "The course explains literally everything I could ever need to know about Pinterest!"

In Module 1: Confidently Master The Ins & Outs of Pinterest you’ll learn:

> How Pinterest works so that you have a better understanding of how powerful Pinterest can be for your business.

> Get a better grasp of the Pinterest algorithm so that you can create content that Pinterest will share to the masses! 

> Learn more about how Pinterest is Good for SEO so that you can increase your Google rank.

> Have a better understanding of which Pinterest analytics are important so that you can focus on creating more valuable content that your audience will love.

In Module 2: Setting Up Your Pinterest Account for Success you’ll learn:

> How to set up your Pinterest business account with ease so that you can start using Pinterest right away!

> Understand the importance of Rich Pins and why Pinterest favors them more, so that you increase your reach.

> Learn the elements you NEED to include in your bio so that your account is more searchable on Pinterest.

 In Module 3: Understanding Pin Strategy you’ll learn:

> Learn how often you should pin per day so that you gain momentum!

> Integrate repinning into your Pinterest strategy, so that you can reach a greater audience!

> Understand what Pinterest means by “fresh pins,” so that you can dominate your Pinterest game.

> Learn how to easily create pins within in Canva so that you can make your pins stand out.

In Module 4: Boards - Your Pins Needs a Home you’ll learn:

> Understand what boards are used for and why they’re important so that your pins are organized.

> Learn what makes up a board so that you don’t miss out on optimizing your boards!

In Module 5: Keywords The Secret to Success on Pinterest you’ll learn:

> Why keywords are the most important ingredient to success on Pinterest so that you can double your website traffic.

> Learn how to search for keywords on Pinterest directly so that you stay on track with Pinterest trends!

In Module 6: Watch Me Schedule Pins Using Tailwind you’ll learn:

> Watch me use Tailwind to schedule two weeks worth of pins within 60 minutes so that you can see how easy it is to show up effectively, strategically and consistently on Pinterest.

The truth is . . .

You don’t want to let another year go by wishing you would have started using Pinterest sooner. 

If you understand how Pinterest
works . . . 

If you know how to optimize your pins to gain more traffic . . .

If you had someone breaking down Pinterest for you in a way that’s understandable . . .

If your website traffic doubled over the next year and your business was being seen by a brand new
audience . . .

Wouldn’t it be worth it?

Pinterest is the answer to getting more people to your website.



Due to the nature of digital downloads, all sales are final and are nonrefundable.

Hi Friend! I'm Renee!

A wedding photographer and educator located in Pennsylvania! I help wedding creatives set up their business for impact and long term success! I believe that Pinterest is the missing link every business needs to 2x traffic to their website consistently and effectively!