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I help servant-hearted wedding creatives build impact-driven businesses and lives that love and serve people well. With a focus on client experience, vendor relationships, and creating YOUR definition of success, my heart is to help you build a flourishing business and life that serves others, and fuels your heart.

You have probably been in business for 1-3 years, and you know that you’ve been given your business for a bigger purpose. You want to use your business to serve, serve, and serve some more!

Education for the servant-hearted and impact-driven creative.

renee nicolo education

I believe we’ve been given our businesses for a great purpose.

I want to help you create a business that’s sustainable, serves well and reflects your version of success.

I’ve been fortunate to define my version of success and run a business out of my home office in Pennsylvania. Not only do I get to dress up and photograph weddings on the weekends, I get to inspire and teach wedding creatives how to run profitable/authentic/sustainable businesses through creating an impact-driven business. BUT I didn’t always have this clarity + direction in my business. Even though I was full of passion and a dream, the early years of my business were not a walk in the park. They were hard, but resulted in such incredible growth!

think of me as your pocket sized cheerleader & coach

So the natural question is,
“Am I in the right place?”

work & life harmony

unforgetable client experience

organized & confident

Overworked & hustling 

inquiry crickets

Burnt out & overwhelmed


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— Erin C.

"Renee has a wealth of knowledge to share! My business is way more organized and efficient!"

Are you a wedding creative? I’d love to help you level up your business!

1:1 Mentoring

• 12 weekly group coaching calls over Zoom. Offered multiple times per year.

• Topics Include But Aren't Limited To: Workflows, Time Management, Client Experience, Outsourcing, Pinterest, Blogging, Social Media, and Vendor Relationships

• Guest speakers who are experts in their field.

Group Coaching:


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"Renee has a wealth of knowledge to share and time spent putting into the logistics of your business is so encouraging. Websites, SEO, emails, and everything always needs to be revisited and re-evaluated to make sure your business is keeping up with the times, everything is working for you, and you are serving your clients well! The group coaching will help you address things you have been avoiding or too busy to clean out in a really user-friendly way." Erin, Wedding Planner

"Don't live with a question mark over your head."

"DO IT!! You don't need to live your life with a question mark over your head, or comparing yourself to those in Instagram wondering how the heck they got there. You can learn all those answers now!"

Kelsi, Wedding Photographer

"do it! You will learn so much!"

"Do it! Commit to it! It will feel so natural and by the end you'll want to learn more on each topic!"

Victoria, Stationer

"The course explains literally everything I could ever need to know about Pinterest!" 

"WOW! So much great content! The course explains literally everything I could ever need to know about Pinterest! I really loved how Renee would talk about the importance of one part of Pinterest and then in the next video would take me step by step through how to do exactly that thing. I have learned so much!" 

Naticia, Wedding Planner

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