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I help servant-hearted wedding creatives build impact-driven businesses and lives that love and serve people well. I want to help you build a flourishing business and life that serves others, and fuels your heart.

You have probably been in business for 1-3 years, and you know that you’ve been given your business for a bigger purpose. 

A group coaching program for wedding creatives who want to set their business up for long term success and impact.

group coaching for wedding creatives

I believe we’ve been given our businesses for a great purpose.

I want to help you create a business that’s sustainable, serves well and reflects your version of success.

Live, topic-focused learning that takes place among a community of like-minded, driven creatives who are striving towards the same results in their business.

you might be wondering...
what is group coaching anyways?

Sounds amazing, amiright?!

You know something has to change NOW because you’re tired of dropping the ball and not being able to keep up with your business, especially when the busy season arrives!

You have downloaded ALL of the freebies on Pinterest about how to grow your business FAST, but haven’t seen results.

You’ve purchased all of the online courses under the sun, but they’re still collecting dust in your inbox?

Do you find yourself resenting the business you’ve built because there is SO much to do and you feel like you’re the only one who can do them?

You know you need to create consistency on social media and Pinterest, but the last time you posted was four weeks ago. Your cursor is still blinking on your screen because you don’t know what to say!

You know your clients deserve the best of you, but you don’t even know if they’re enjoying the experience you’re offering because they haven’t heard from you in months.

Are you tired of not taking the right steps that will push your business forward?

work & life harmony

unforgetable client experience

organized & confident

Overworked & hustling 

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— lindsey, wedding photographer

"JUST DO IT! I have invested in other kinds of online education to try and help grow my business and I would always end up "forgetting to watch the videos" or zoning out & not learn anything at all. Group coaching with Renee was a blast! There were scheduled meetings, a group of ladies who would challenge and push me to my best, and Renee who was always so positive and available to help! You won't regret it!"

You aren’t resenting your business anymore because you recognize the areas of your business that you LOVE, so you outsource the rest!

You set up automations and workflows in your business which allow you to spend more time with your family and friends!

You're creating an unforgettable experience for your clients over and over again, which results in referrals!!

Your business is being found by new clients on all of the social media platforms and Pinterest because you’re showing up consistently!!

picture this . . .

The foundations of your business have been put into place and you’re set up for long term success!

Because you've been a part of group coaching, you are being supported by like-minded wedding creatives who want to see your business succeed! 

You never knew that this was exactly what your life and business needed long term! The change you would only dream of because you’ve been stuck in this rut for far too long!

— Morgan, Wedding Photographer

I feel like I’m more on top of my business! Before it felt like it was running me and I was working so hard aimlessly! Working with Renee is a game changer!

What was your BUSINESS like before the group coaching and how does it compare to today?

— Morgan, Wedding Photographer

I feel more confident and less like a fraud! I’ve always been hard on myself and questioned why someone would pay for me but Renee helps you realize your value!

How did your business change after being apart of the group coaching?

— Morgan, Wedding Photographer

DO IT!!! Renee is there for you always. She is an amazing resource and absolutely slaying it in her business. Her spirit is infectious and she makes you feel like you can accomplish it all and then shows you how to! I wouldn’t trade my experience with Renee for the world! 

What would be your advice be to other wedding creatives who are interested in group coaching?

• 12 weekly group coaching calls over Zoom. All of the calls will be recorded for lifetime access.

• Offered multiple times per year. Spots are limited!

• Topics include but aren't limited to: Workflows, Time Management, Client Experience, Outsourcing, Pinterest, Blogging, Social Media, Vendor Relationships.

• Guest speakers who are experts in their field will join us over the 12 weeks.

• Workbooks for each topic will be provided.

• Exclusive student Facebook group and accountability.

What's Included:

guest speakers

Jess Jordana

Laura Neff

Rebekah Viola

Kristina Dowler

Copywriter + Brand Messaging Strategist

Business Coach + Workflow + Systems Strategist

Wedding Photographer +
Social Media Educator

Virtual Assistant +
Content Writer

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— Erin, Wedding Planner

My business feels like it was all over the place before group coaching - loose deadlines, inconsistent communications. Now it feels organized, healthy, and even prepared with future goals/blogs/content already prepped and prepared to go out!

What was your BUSINESS like before the group coaching and how does it compare to today? 

— Erin, Wedding Planner

My business overall is just more organized and efficient. I have workflows in place, email templates already drafted, content calendars created, schedules and deadlines - it just feels more put together. Plus, the content I am putting out is more intentional thanks to learning about hashtags, SEO, etc. I am not wasting time (or at least not as much time ;)) scrolling on social media, re-reading emails, and other mundane tasks that were taking up too much time before group coaching! 

How did your business change after being apart of the group coaching?

— Erin, Wedding Planner

Renee has a wealth of knowledge to share, and time spent putting into the logistics of your business is so encouraging. Websites, SEO, emails, and everything always needs to be revisited and re-evaluated to make sure your business is keeping up with the times, everything is working for you, and you are serving your clients well! This course will help you address things you have been avoiding or too busy to clean out in a really user-friendly way. 

What would be your advice be to other wedding creatives who are interested in group coaching?

Hi Friend! Renee here! I am a wedding photographer and educator based in Pennsylvania. I’m wildly passionate about being a wedding photographer + educator. I have the honor of photographing weddings for my amazing couples by providing a stress-free and unforgettable experience.

In between weddings, I help servant based wedding creatives build impact-driven businesses and lives that love and serve people well. I believe we’ve been given our businesses for a purpose. I do not take this lightly! 

photographer, educator, & oatmilk latte obsessed

Meet your coach!

In 2013, my husband, Herbert, and I got married, and I was holding my first ever DSLR (Nikon D40 to be exact)! For a wedding gift, Herbert gifted me with a DSLR camera! I loved photography so much, and he saw something in me that I didn’t at that time! Herbert is the reason why my business even exists! He is my biggest supporter! I started learning and soaking up EVERYTHING I could while working full time at a non profit that I LOVED!

Fast forward to the spring of 2017! After months of tears, talking to many people about whether or not I was making the right decision, anxiety, long conversations with Herbert, and TONS of prayer, I handed in my resignation letter at my current job to pursue my dream of running my own wedding photography business!

Can you guess how many weddings I had on the books for the rest of 2017? The same year I decided to leave my full time job? FIVE. That is it! I didn’t even have a full schedule of weddings! Up until that point, I had only photographed FOUR weddings prior! You’re probably thinking, "Renée you’re crazy!" How did you even make that work? Well, the truth is 2017 was a HARD year!

I took that first year to focus on learning EVERYTHING I could, second shooting a bunch and growing the business I had always dreamed of! Soon after, I experienced emotional burnout from my business! I was doing EVERYTHING you could possibly imagine to grow my business, but nothing was working because I was trying to do #allthethings! 

Trying to do everything in business like everyone else was actually holding me back from growing my business! I didn’t have direction, and I needed that so desperately! In 2018, everything changed when I hired a business coach, and I haven’t looked back! I needed guidance from someone else who ... had more experience than me; would encourage AND challenge me; and ultimately help me make wise decisions in my business!

Now, I’m running a successful AND profitable wedding photography business that I LOVE, in addition to educating wedding creatives to have the same success in their businesses today!

My Story

I believe that this is possible for everyone.

— Victoria, Stationer

It has stronger foundations! My business was going a good way and I have definitely increased the client experience, time management / productivity has gotten much better!

What was your BUSINESS like before the group coaching and how does it compare to today? *

— Victoria, Stationer

I've become more comfortable outsourcing, using my time wisely and applying the workflows (having a guide to it) has been life-changing!

How did your business change after being apart of the group coaching?

— Victoria, Stationer

Do it! Commit to it! It will feel so natural and by the end you'll want to learn more on each topic.

What would be your advice be to other wedding creatives who are interested in group coaching?

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