Aran & Joe | A Winter Addison Street Philadelphia Engagement Session

January 14, 2020

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Oh my goodness! This winter Addison Street Philadelphia engagement session just stole my heart. And possibly the feeling in my fingers for an hour or two during a snow squall… but it was so worth it! Aran and Joe, you two are so sweet and definitely made for each other. I’m thrilled we were able to meet up over your holiday break and capture your engagement portraits!

I loved getting to learn more about Aran and Joe while we talked during their Philadelphia engagement session. Here’s some of their love story!! After meeting while leading worship during a retreat (and leading together a few more times), Joe finally asked Aran on a date! Since Aran was in Philadelphia and Joe was in New Jersey, it took a bit of planning but they made it work. The two met up in Princeton at an Italian place. Despite Joe being nervous and not eating much, the date went well – and they grabbed both ice cream and drinks afterward. They were having so much fun talking and learning about one and other, Aran even extended her Zipcar rental so she could hang out longer! In 2018, they made their relationship official… and in August of 2019, their engagement became official too!

While away on a weekend with friends in Maine, Joe knew it would be the perfect time to propose. With some help from the friends they were traveling with, Aran was posed for a photo. Joe dropped to one knee and when she turned around, he asked her to marry him! With tears in her eyes, she said yes. And now they’re planning an August 2020 wedding day that I can’t wait for!

What Aran Loves About Joe:

1. I love that Joe never does anything half-heartedly. Whether it’s a job that he’s getting paid for or even a short paper for school, he always goes above and beyond and makes sure that he’s doing the best that he can.

2. Joe truly cares about what is good and right. He is always ready to assess both sides of a situation or conflict, and is always willing to admit and apologize when he is wrong.

3. This tends to surprise even the people who know Joe well, but Joe is super cute and affectionate. He seems quiet and stoic (which can be true especially if he’s in public with people that he doesn’t know very well), but he is adorable and always lets me know that I’m loved. Part of me wishes that others could see this side of him, but I also feel extra special that I am one of the few who knows just how loving he is.

What Joe Loves About Aran:

1. Aran is very kind, tends to see the best in people, and is always willing to give second chances. Given my field of study (Christian ethics), I’ve been trained to bear appropriate anger and indignation toward those who commit injustice toward others, and Aran helpfully reminds me all the time to balance a sense of justice with mercy.

2. Aran is very supportive and patient toward me, which is often asking a lot of her since much of my time is devoted toward my studies. Nevertheless, she’s always willing to adapt and be flexible with me, no matter how hectic my schedule is.

3. Aran cares about being a good Christian, and serving the Lord in whatever capacity she can (though sometimes this means she can take on a bit much). This is really inspiring and instructive for me, as I tend to guard my time very closely.

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Philadelphia engagement session on Addison Street with Renee Nicolo Photography

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