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Everything You Need to Know About Your Wedding Day Look

June 1, 2020

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Guest Blog by Jazmin Rae, Owner and master makeup artist of Jazmin Rae & Co.

Wedding planning is a beast that no one prepares you enough for. There are SO many little details that can easily be overlooked. While planning your wedding, you’ll be faced with budgets, choices, confusion and excitement. The best way to make your way through the planning process like a champ is to have a game plan and keep organized! 

In addition to being a professional makeup artist and leader in the wedding beauty industry for almost a decade, I like to consider myself as a wedding planner of sorts as well! I help my brides navigate their skin planning process, understand what bridal makeup consists of and work one-on-one with them to find the perfect wedding day look. 

Skin Needs Planning, too

When working with my brides, I first pinpoint what her skin goals are. Does she want glowing skin for the wedding? Or does her skin naturally get shiny, therefore she wants to maintain a matte look all evening? Does she have any skin concerns? Once I understand my bride’s skin goals, we can start planning and preparing a skin timeline for her big day. 

Pro Tip: Make sure you discuss your skincare routine/plan with your wedding makeup artist. This will ensure that the artist uses appropriate products that will work with your skin. 

Everything you need to know about your wedding day look by Jazmin Rae, the Owner and master makeup artist of Jazmin Rae & Co. based in Philadelphia, PA

When to start your new regimen

If you are deciding to begin a skincare regimen before the wedding, I always suggest starting about 6 months out. This will give you and your skin enough time to adjust to the new routine. 

The best skin is created over time from consistency and discipline. It is never too early to begin your skincare routine! However… it can be too late.

Starting a full skincare routine does require 2-4 weeks downtime, since our skin naturally needs time to adjust to the products. After starting the new regimen, you may experience minimal to moderate reactions. These reactions can include redness, skin shedding, skin tightening, oiliness or break outs. Please keep in mind if you react negatively from a product immediately after applying it, it may be an allergic reaction! Itchiness, hives or extreme stinging/burning are not anticipated reactions from the skincare. 

Why is a skincare regimen essential for my wedding makeup?

No matter what your wedding style is – bohemian, traditional or glamorous – the one thing that all brides want on their big day is to look their best. Beautiful skin is the perfect canvas for beautiful makeup. Making your skin, and overall beauty, a priority will ensure that you look and feel amazzzing on your big day, no matter what wedding day look you choose.   

Tanning, waxing and facials

If you are planning on getting a spray tan, waxing any unwanted facial hair and/or getting a skin treatment done, make sure you give your skin enough time to recover after! 

Have a “trial” for your spray tan. Get a spray tan trial done a few months before your big day. Make sure you remember what formula was used during your trial. If you love how it looked, you know exactly what to ask for again before the wedding. 

Waxing any unwanted facial hair is typically a quick and affordable method; however, I always advise my brides against waxing before the wedding. Waxing not only removes the hair, it also removes the top thin layer of skin. This can provoke a break-out and makeup cannot adhere to the skin that was waxed. I recommend alternative methods for hair removal, such as: hair removal creams, threading, laser treatments/electrolysis or good ol’ plucking with tweezers.  

In addition to your new skincare routine, adding facials and other skin treatments to the plan can be extremely beneficial. However, during the post facial period, your skin will have an anticipated reaction. Depending on your skin type and the treatment received, you may become red, irritated, textured or even begin to peel or break out. Same rule of thumb applies to facial treatments as it does to tans: schedule a practice treatment in advance to see how your skin reacts! 

Determining Your Wedding Makeup Style

Just like dresses, there are so many different styles of makeup for your wedding. When determining your makeup style visualize yourself in your wedding dress with your hair done. How would you instinctively want to do your makeup yourself? Remember, you want to feel confident on your wedding day — make sure that whichever makeup style you choose makes you feel beautiful. 

Browse social media for inspiration

The most efficient and easiest way to find your wedding day look is to browse Pinterest and Instagram. Search by using keywords like, “bridal makeup” or “red carpet makeup”, to see what you do and don’t like.  

Pro Tip: Show your makeup artist styles that you do not like. This will help your artist gauge where your comfortability is regarding coverage, colors and intensity.

  Working With a Makeup Artist

When picking a makeup artist to work with, make sure you check out their portfolio (do you see a look that you would like for yourself?) and their reviews across the web. 

Airbrushing and false lashes

When it comes to wedding makeup, there are three things your artist wants to accomplish: 

  1. Photo-ready skin
  2. Long lasting makeup
  3. Enhancing features enough so they aren’t lost in the photos

False lashes and airbrushing are the bomb dot com, especially when it comes to photography. Falsies are extremely customizable and frame your eyes perfectly, opening them up to your entire look a little more oomph. Little industry secret…every single celebrity photo you see (especially red carpet) includes false lashes. Airbrush makeup is just as essential as falsies for a bride. Most airbrush foundations are silicone base (in other words, it adheres to the skin, blurs imperfections, is super lightweight and sweat resistant). In my bridal kit, I use silicone based airbrush foundations which have a 16-24 hour wear and are 100% sweat and tear resistant. That’s makeup insurance. 

Everything you need to know about your wedding day look by Jazmin Rae, the Owner and master makeup artist of Jazmin Rae & Co. based in Philadelphia, PA

Have a makeup trial… or two

When it comes to picking your ideal wedding day look, it may take more than one trial with your makeup artist. On average, I meet with my brides twice before the wedding day. The first trial is when I initially meet my bride and we discuss her skin goals. We then meet again about 8 weeks out from the wedding day for a final “preview” of the makeup. The second trial is a great opportunity for your artist to see how your skin is doing and if there are any new concerns.

How to make the look last

When your skin has been perfectly prepped and your artist airbrushed your foundation, it is very unlikely that your makeup will move or fade away. However, I always give my brides a little “just in case” touch-up kit. 

  • In case of unwanted t-zone shine, pack blotting papers. Blotting papers are better than powder because they only absorb the excess oil without adding any more makeup to your skin. 
  • Sometimes crying can loosen the grip of lash glue. Eyelash glue is always wise to have on hand! 
  • With all the kissing, drinking and eating you’ll be doing on the wedding day, make sure to have a lipstick with you to reapply with. 

The Night Before the Big Day

At bedtime the night before your wedding, make sure to remove ALL of your makeup! Using an oil-based makeup remover or cleanser will ensure that all products have been removed (including any stubborn waterproof eyeliner or mascara). Continue with your current skincare routine. This is not the night to try out a new face mask or moisturizer. Finally, end your night by plucking any unwanted facial hairs. Guzzle a tall glass of water with lemon and get some shut eye because tomorrow is your day, bride!


Jazmin Rae is the Owner and master makeup artist of Jazmin Rae & Co. based in Philadelphia, PA. My main passion lies in creating a once-in-a-lifetime experience for brides on their wedding day. My work has been featured on Philadelphia Magazine, WeddingWire, The Knot, Green Wedding Shoes, Wedding Chicks, Philly in Love, Philadelphia Style Magazine and TLC. I make sure that working with each of my brides is always a rewarding process; it’s not just about eyeliner and lipstick — it’s about learning, enrichment, relaxation and, of course, fun.


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