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3 Items That Should Be Delivered to the Bride!

July 27, 2017

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Before we dive into today’s blog post, I HAVE to share this with you all! I am totally LOVING this current blog series that’s all about wedding day tips and tricks! I truly hope that you’ve been enjoying the posts, as well!

It is so wonderful for me to be able to use this platform to share my heart with both Brides AND photographers! I truly hope these posts are a blessing to whomever is following along!

Today’s post is a short, but sweet one!

Let’s just say this is Part II of my previous blog post entitled the Bridal Prep Checklist! I thought that I’d go into more detail about why these three items are even listed on the checklist!

1. The bridal bouquet should be delivered to the Bride, not the Church!

Make sure to communicate to your florist ahead of time to have your bridal bouquet delivered to your getting ready location instead of the church! While your photographer is capturing all of your details, they’ll want to make sure to include your gorgeous bouquet in the images, as well! You can also ask your florist to bring any extra loose flowers that can be included in the detail shots, too!

Side Note: The boutonnieres can be delivered to the groom’s getting ready location though! I hope that’s not confusing! 😀

2. All three wedding rings should be with the Bride NOT the Groom!

This is a big one and can sometimes be forgotten – which is totally understandable! I encourage my Brides to have all three rings – engagement ring, in addition to both wedding bands – with her at her getting ready location! All three rings will be included in the detail photos! Instead of giving the groom’s wedding band to the best man, keep his wedding band with you!

3. Save a CLEAN wedding invitation suite for your photographer!

Lastly, having a complete, clean, crinkle-free – wow that was a ton of alliteration! – invitation suite ready to go for your photographer is truly appreciated! As you’re assembling your invitations to mail out to your dearest family and friends, make sure to save one for your photographer! Any specific stamps, seals, etc. that you used to complete your invitations can be saved, as well! If you don’t want to worry about having to remember this on your wedding day – feel free to mail a clean invitation suite to your photographer ahead of time! If you do decide to mail one to your photographer, make sure to include an extra envelope inside since the one you’ll send will be marked by the post office!

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