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Your best friend just asked for your hand in marriage…you’ve got that pretty, sparkly diamond on your finger… and I bet you’ve already started to plan your wedding!

Let’s be honest, you probably have had your wedding day planned before you got engaged!

As you’re putting together your dream vendor team, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed at how many vendors are actually out there! That is TOTALLY normal! There are probably hundreds of amazing wedding photographers in your area! 

5 Actions Steps to Complete Before Reaching Out to a Wedding Photographer Renee Nicolo Photography PA Wedding Photographer

Regardless if you’re still searching for a wedding photographer or you’ve known which photographer you’d love to capture your special day, this blog post is for you! 

Before reaching out to a wedding photographer (or any vendor, really!) consider following these steps:

1. Check out their online presence!

This is #1 for a reason and might take a little longer to do compared to the other steps! 

The reason why is because this step will give you a better idea of the photographer’s style, how they will approach your wedding day, in addition to what your wedding photos will probably look like!

I would encourage you to go through all of the social media platforms they have (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.), a few blogs AND their entire website!

As you’re going through, keep the following in mind:

“Do they have an online presence?”
“Is their work consistent?”
“What is their niche? Is it weddings, family, newborns, etc?”
“Where are they located?”
“What is their style? Brighter? Darker? Warmer or cooler tones?”

2. Get to know the photographer!

I’d say this one is just as important as step #1! Your photographer will want to get to know you and build a relationship with you, so it would be good to know something about your photographer!

You don’t need to know everything about them, but I’d say their name, where they’re based, how long they’ve been in business and why they’re passionate about wedding photography are good places to start!

Don’t be afraid to follow them on social media and read the “about me” section on their website! This will allow you to get a better taste of their personality, too!

You’ll end up spending more time with your wedding photographer than your wedding guests on your wedding day! That’s why it’s so important to make sure you are the perfect fit ahead of time!

5 Actions Steps to Complete Before Reaching Out to a Wedding Photographer Renee Nicolo Photography PA Wedding Photographer

3. Read Reviews!

Reading the experiences of previous couples can be such a huge help to you as your narrowing down who you’d love to be apart of and capture your big day!

As you’re reading reviews, here are a few questions to keep in mind:

“What was the couples’ experience like with the photographer? Was it a positive one?”

“Did the photographer over deliver?”

“How quickly did the couple receive their images?”

“What does the couple say about photographer’s personality? Style?”

The most common places that reviews can be found for wedding photographers are on the following platforms:

The Photographer’s Website
The Knot

4. Have your date and venue booked!

If you have your wedding date and venue booked, this is such a huge help for your wedding photographer to know! That way they can check their availability on your wedding date!

There are cases where you might be reaching out to your photographer about their availability BEFORE booking a specific date or venue! That is totally OK! 

In either case, communicating a date or several dates that you’re looking at will allow for the booking process to move forward more quickly! That way you can ensure your dream wedding photographer can be there to capture your special day!

5 Actions Steps to Complete Before Reaching Out to a Wedding Photographer Renee Nicolo Photography PA Wedding Photographer

5. Have an idea of your budget!

Sometimes photographers will list their prices right on their website! If so, make sure that this is within your budget!

If for some reason they are a little outside of your budget, I would encourage you to still reach out!

Even though this doesn’t apply to every photographer, some might be able to create a customized collection for you OR they might even has associate photographers on their team who would be available instead! 

I hope these five steps will help you find the most perfect photographer for you, and relieve some of the overwhelm of planning! 

5 Steps to Take Before Reaching Out to a Wedding Photographer for couples by Renee Nicolo Photography


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