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Kelly & Louis | A Merchants’ Exchange Building Engagement

September 21, 2017


I literally could not wait to meet Kelly and Louis at their engagement session! We had a Skype call prior, and we instantly connected with each other! Their outgoing personalities are SO contagious – I’m sure their family and friends would absolutely agree! – and the love they share is so amazing to see! They brought such fun, joy and laughter to their engagement session, and I was blown away!

When we were planning for their engagement session, Kelly shared with me that she loved the cobble-stoned streets of Old City! The Merchants’ Exchange Building was the perfect place!! Earlier in the day, the forecast had called for a drizzling rain, but LITERALLY by the time their e-session began the sun came out!! Woohoo!! I was so grateful the sun was shining, even if it brought along humidity!! Kelly and Louis have said I was the trooper for doing so well with the humidity, but they were the troopers! They nuzzled and got close to one another, even though it was super warm outside!! They were so relaxed and went with the flow – I’m so grateful!!

Louis had shared with me that he was a little nervous to be in front of the camera, but I couldn’t even tell because he and Kelly absolutely nailed every pose!! Her red dress made every image vibrant and pop against the Merchants’ Exchange Building!

Kelly and Louis – I’m SO, so glad I know you both! You two are the absolute sweetest! I cannot wait for your May wedding next year! It’s going to be the best day EVER!

As Told By The Bride-to-Be

How They Met

“Louis and I actually met online.  It’s funny because we look back and can’t believe that’s how we met.  We had both given dating a try and had met all kinds of people.  When we both felt like we had tried every avenue, we gave online dating a shot.  To our surprise, it actually worked!  I was the one to reach out to Lou.  I was impressed that he took education as seriously as I do, being that I’m a teacher and also that he came from a family with good morals & values similar to my own.  He wanted to meet me after only a short while of talking, but I was hesitant being that you never know what to expect after talking to someone only via the interweb.  Finally we met up on a cold, winter night at Magerks in Horsham, Pennsylvania.  That night we talked for over 4 hours about our families, friends, and ambitions over nachos and some cold brews.  We both laugh because the waitress kept coming over and asking if we needed anything else…Lou kept shooing her away, however, I was dying for another drink!  Too shy to speak up and not wanting to leave a bad first impression, I sipped on my same beer for four hours!  I’ll never let Lou live that down.  After our first date, we spent every weekend together and had fun trying new things by attending Paint Nights, wine tastings, and exploring local towns.  I could tell Lou was someone who was special, but it wasn’t until I saw him interact with my family that I fell in love.  Seeing how well he fit in and how much my nieces adored him made my heart melt.  I knew at that point that this was a guy who would make a wonderful father, and husband some day.”

How He Proposed

“The day of our proposal, Lou told me that we were going to celebrate his grandmother’s 80th birthday at a restaurant in Lambertville, New Jersey.  When I asked him where the dinner was being held, he told me a place called “Lovin’ Oven.”  Being the investigator that I am, I immediately took to my laptop to search this restaurant.  I quickly pulled up the menu and saw that it was a vegan, gluten free restaurant.  I found it odd that his family would pick a restaurant like that to host his 80-year-old grandmother’s birthday dinner.  Suspicious and not totally convinced, I got in the car anyway excited to try a new restaurant.  On our drive there, we drove along the Delaware River, admiring the landscape and reminiscing about the time we went tubing down the Delaware the previous summer.  After a few minutes, Lou pointed out that Sand Castle Winery was up ahead.  He reminded me that we had our second date there and that we enjoyed a few glasses of wine on the deck that day until it was time to close.  He recommended we stop in and grab a bottle of wine to bring to dinner since his family was supposedly running late.  I then suggested we enjoy a glass there as well.  We bought a bottle of white and popped it open.  Lou suggested we go outside to enjoy the yummy vino.  As we walked outside, I noticed that there were people sitting in the couch area where I was hoping to enjoy my wine.  Instead, Lou asked me to come stand by the fence with him where we were overlooking the vineyards.  Being my normal stubborn self, I insisted I didn’t want to stand near the fence, but rather sit at a picnic table.  Lou then asked a second time for me to go stand next to him.  It was that moment that I realized it was happening!  I walked over to him as he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.  I immediately started crying and hugged him before even answering, “Of course!”  I then turned around to find my sister hiding behind bushes with her camera, capturing our entire moment.”


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