Our Love Story

February 14, 2018

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OK…This might be my favorite blog post to date! Herbert is my guest blogger today!

After he wrote our story, I read it out loud for us both to hear! Oh my goodness, what he wrote made both of us laugh, made me cry (happy tears of course) and it took us back to the place where our journey all began! We hadn’t reminisced about our relationship like this in SO long, and I think that this needs to happen much more frequently!

I asked Herbert to write down our love story – instead of doing it myself  – because 1) I know that he can tell stories way better than I can and 2) I LOVE how he shares our story with others!

This post includes how we met and when we started dating! I’m saving our proposal story for another time! 😉 Enjoy!!

“Our love story is almost like what you see in the movies. What I mean by that is our love story began all the way back in elementary school! I remember it like it was yesterday…Renee was wearing a sky blue shirt that just looked so beautiful to me. Her shirt made that smile she had all the better! I always thought she was way out of my league since I figured I was just some small little kid. I always got nervous talking to pretty girls and that was made so much worse by her because I just couldn’t get past her smile. It still to this day lights up my world :). However that didn’t stop me from becoming her friend and getting to know her more as we grew up. Through school her and I became good friends. Eventually we ended up becoming a little distant, however in college that all changed when she called me (out of the blue) one day and just wanted to see how I was doing. The funny thing is even though through high school we became distant, that day in college that she called me we just picked up right where we left off – with Renee nothing felt foreign. It always felt like life paused and would start right back up again once I heard her voice.

I still didn’t have the courage to ask her out because I was partially nervous that if I did, it might ruin our friendship, something that I desperately didn’t want to lose. For anyone who knows her they all know how pure a friendship is with her, it’s life changing. Like legit! You won’t find a better person that cares about a friendship like her. So with that said I was scared to lose that. As she got through her freshman year I was getting ready to graduate from my high school. Once I did she was at the top of the list of friends that I was really excited to have share in the excitement at my graduation party. She grew up knowing my family through the years as I did with her family which always made hanging out with her all the easier. So I wasn’t nervous about her meeting even more of my family at the party. So once the day finally came I was so excited when I laid my eyes on her. Immediately I got butterflies and yet at the same time felt so relaxed. It was a great day but what made it even better was I was having all of my friends come back to my house to swim and hang out. It was at this moment that I took a very daring chance. I thought it through in the most boyish way possible…I asked her out in front of all of our friends!! (This way she couldn’t say no!) It was the perfect plan! Or so I thought…it turns out that’s not the best way to ask someone out…but it adds a little kick to this story 🙂 She didn’t say no she just had the spotlight beam right down on her in front of not only my friends but also some of hers…HAHA so she asked me if we could talk about it later. I happily agreed.

She invited me over to her house to talk and the talk brought us to a softball field. We sat down on the grass on a very beautiful summer day. There she explained to me that she didn’t feel like a relationship was what she wanted at the moment. She felt that God was leading her in a different direction. To be honest this talk – even though it was not the answer I was looking for – wasn’t hurtful – …and who am I to fight the big guy upstairs…(totally a cheap shot) HAHA. So her and I agreed to be friends and to keep our friendship stronger then it was before. She felt the same way and didn’t want to lose the friendship that we built.

This picture is from our FIRST DATE at a Reading Phillies Games that took place over 7 years ago!! We were such babies!! LOL!!

With that said here comes the kicker…are you ready? She called me that next week and wanted to talk, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I always wanted to be there for her as best I could be. So we met up and she CHANGED HER MIND!!!! (YESS!!) As it turns out she had done a lot of thinking and praying and the Lord led her somewhere completely different then what she previously thought. She explained that she didn’t want to lose our friendship but was willing to try dating to see how it would go. We both took the first step in what we didn’t know was going to change our lives into the beautiful marriage that it is today. Our relationship was different right from the start to any relationships we each had before. We talked deeply about everything in our lives. We took time to seek out what the Lord was doing in our lives, we shared our failures and our successes. We shared what was making us who we are. Through it all her and I grew stronger and became each other’s support. When she was down I became her strength, when I was down she became my strength, together we became a perfect team. We found that we had been growing this relationship throughout our friendship for years without even realizing it. It wasn’t too long after that we had talked about our future, the possibility of marriage, which we both took very seriously. As I type this here with a big smile on my face, this is the beginning of our story, one that has become greater than we could have ever imagined!” -Herbert

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