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Secrets to a Stress Free Rainy Wedding Day!  Rainy wedding days are not normally on a bride’s wishlist. Couples, even if the weather forecast is calling for less than ideal weather that doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun or have beautiful photos! Your photographer might even have an awesome idea to incorporate those cute bubble umbrellas in some of your photos, too! No matter what, your day is still going to be all that you had hoped it would be! In this post, I’m sharing my “3 Tips for Brides” on how to approach rainy wedding days!

Today, I’m sharing my “3 Best Tips for Brides” on how to approach rainy wedding days. This isn’t a topic that’s talked about often because who really wants it to rain on their wedding day? Yes, it might have some good luck associated with it, but rain is usually not on a bride’s wish list! BUT if it does rain on your wedding day, remember that you’ve hired the best creative team who will work together to ensure your day continues on rain or shine! Be confident in that!

I’ve seen the tips below remain as a consistent relief for brides when preparing for rain on their wedding day!

Ask your venue what their Plan B is in case it rains!

Rainy Wedding Days: My 3 Best Tips for Brides on How to Approach Rainy Wedding Days by Renee Nicolo Photography

If you’re getting married at a venue, most likely they’ve had experience with rain arriving on a wedding day! They know the ins and outs of their venue, and what works best as a Plan B if the weather is looking unpredictable! I’ve seen this be such a comfort for brides to know – right from the start – how their venue will transition into Plan B! Asking about Plan B doesn’t mean that you’ll have rain on your wedding day either!  You should know these details ahead of time, and the best part would be never having to use Plan B at all! Make sure to share Plan B with all your vendors, too!

Ask your photographer how they approach rainy weddings days!

Rainy Wedding Days: My 3 Best Tips for Brides on How to Approach Rainy Wedding Days by Renee Nicolo Photography

Obviously, no one wants it to rain on their wedding day, but that’s just not realistic! During any photographer’s career, rain will make an appearance at some point! If it does rain that doesn’t mean you won’t have beautiful photos! Your photographer should be prepared and know how to handle rain on a wedding day!

For myself, if I know that rain might be on its way, I’ll make sure that I arrive an hour earlier to scope out alternative portrait locations! That way, when it’s time for portraits, I can use every moment with my couples to capture the photos they love without having to try and find the best locations at the same time!

You have hired your photographer to capture your wedding day, and that might mean getting a little wet! I most definitely won’t ask my couples to go out in thunder, lightning or a downpour, BUT if it’s spritzing I will most likely ask my couples – if they’re comfortable, of course – to take some portraits outside under an umbrella! I bring 8 of the clear bubble umbrellas with me, as well, for the couples and their wedding party to use! These umbrellas are always in my trunk and look so good in portraits!

Also, be flexible! If there is a break in the weather later in the day or during your reception, your photographer will most likely ask you to take more portraits outside! This allows more opportunities for your photographer to serve you well and provide you with more images that you will LOVE!

Lastly, take a deep breath.

Rainy Wedding Days: My 3 Best Tips for Brides on How to Approach Rainy Wedding Days by Renee Nicolo Photography

This might not be the tip that immediately comes to mind when you see rain on the forecast, and is probably the hardest out of all three tips! If it does rain, you will still receive beautiful photos and create memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime! You have family, friends and a creative team ready to step in to ensure your day is perfect and beautiful in every way! Above all, you’re marrying your best friend and the love of your life!! Rain most definitely won’t stop that from happening!


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