Hi there, friend! Renee here! I'm a wedding photographer located in Bucks County, pa! I'm in love with my husband, my two kitties and conversations over a glass of wine or coffee! I'm so glad you're here! Enjoy getting to know my amazing couples and viewing their beautiful weddings!

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When I look back on the first 6 months as a full time entrepreneur, I constantly come back to one decision I made that drastically impacted my business:

I showed up.

In the spring of 2017, running my own business and being the only one to make decisions was most certainly an adjustment. It was an overwhelming thought to think that I went from an office of more than 10 people to just me!

I was FINALLY a full time wedding photographer, but now what? Questions flooded my brain!

What would a typical day in the office look like?

What if I had a question or wanted to bounce ideas off of someone?

How do I make the most of my time in this new and fresh season of being a business owner?

MY BIGGEST FEAR: What if this goes sideways and I didn’t make the right decision?!

After giving myself time to adjust and kicking those negative thoughts to the curb, I realized that the best way I would overcome all of the questions above was by tending to all the relationships I could think of! Whether that was making new ones or deepening current ones!

Even until this day, if you asked me what the key is to a successful business I’d automatically say “your relationships.”

Relationships with ANYONE who would interact with your business.

Whether that would be a vendor turned friend or the mother of the bride!

I can honestly say that genuinely spending the time to care for and get to know people has had the most impact on my business!

You might be reading this and thinking, “Renée, can you give me something more tangible? That really was your best decision you made in the first six months of your business?”

My answer will always be YES!

Those same relationships that I nurtured in 2017 have only deepened since then, and have had the most impact on business – especially for the long term.

Relationships have led to…

More opportunities to second shoot during those first 6 months…

Register for a workshop to learn alongside other photographers who were in the same stage of business as I was at the time…

Personal growth…

AND more referrals!

I was intentionally showing up!

Now, you might be wondering what showing up intentionally looked like and continues to look like in my business…

I can tell you that it didn’t look like building a relationship with someone to get a quick answer or to just benefit myself.

Instead, I was being intentional with every opportunity! For example, if there was someone in the industry that I had been following for a while, I would reach out to them to schedule a time to get coffee or have a video call so that we could have a conversation face-to-face!

I made sure that I was really loving people well!

When you think about it, if I’m intentional about the relationships in my business, it really trickles into almost every part of how I run my business in the first place!

Building relationships has been so key for the growth of my business, and has only resulted in making me a better person both personally and professionally!


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